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🍹 Melange

A mixture of 🔧 tooling combined to produce JavaScript from 🐫 OCaml & Reason.

This project is a fork of the ReScript compiler with a focus on compatibility with the wider OCaml ecosystem. A small write-up with more details on the motivation behind this project can be found in this blog post.


  • Write your code in any syntax: ReScript, OCaml or Reason
  • Use any existing ReScript or OCaml libraries and tools without hassle
  • Compile using the latest version of the OCaml compiler
  • Write your code once, share between native and browser apps using Dune virtual libraries

Getting started

  1. You will need esy package manager to obtain OCaml and Melange sources. See esy installation instructions here.

  2. Clone the basic template:

  3. Run esy from the command line to install all dependencies.

  4. Run esy x node _build/default/src/ to see the result of the script running.

Learn more

  1. Intro
  2. Installation
  3. Interop
  4. Build system
  5. Standard library